brbp-final-with-tropaPrepare for white outs with dirty bass, booty funk, classic hip-hop, live MCs, interactive art and the element of fire!

-Come beautify our playa altar and temple for the evening with your words and doodles (bring a sharpie or use one of ours!!)

-Bring a treasure or two to gift, and dig through the “take a treasure, leave a treasure drawer”

-Pick up a time travel button with a prescient & personalized emblem to adorn, then use your 3rd eye to help shape the past for someone else.

On soundwave patrol:

DJ Nomad

Vocalist TasiaLyn

DJ Trop’A

Jay Sea Rain

+Special guests performing live hip-hop and more!

21+ FREE

Friday at 10 PM – 1 AM
Aug 26 at 10 PM – 1 AM

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
129 E St, Davis, California 95616

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