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JC MusiK presents: Dirty Bass Vol 1 – Get High

New release, Fresh new package, same great flavor…JC MusiK presents: Dirty Bass Vol 1 of many to come… These mixes features modern electro grime/glitch/crunk/lazer/wtf ever that hits hard from producers cuttin’ the scene…mixed and mashed with oldies and goodies from …

Subvert vs. Supernatural Glitch Mash – JC breakin’ out the stash

JC MusiK … so SiK … new TriX … Havin a good time, answering client phone calls and polishing off a new RemiX! Here is a glitchy (midi-sliced), scratchy (live turntable scratching) remix of Subvert – Size Matters with vocals …

Quick Mix: Fire Renegades at Bounce Bazaar 3

A quick mix I made for the fire show at our 3rd Bounce Bazaar in Nevada City. The Bounce Bazaar is our monthly throw down with a twist incorporating local talent and art with DJs keepin the dancefloor hot. v …

Getin’ Muvin’ — Mixtape from the vault

I was going through folders and found this Mix I put together from 2008…All favorites from that moment in time the selections lies somewhere between feel good and edgy…could be played at a party or in your kitchen…enjoy!

Download JC

Boogie Woogie Remix

Dusted off some old records looking for ragtime to spice up and ended up with this. Enjoy!


JC Musik — Boogie Woogie Bounce Remash by JC MusiK

Dido Thank you, your the reason why — Love and Light remash

Instrumentals come to life when you add vocals, especially a lovely voice like Dido. The St. John’s Wort has finally started to bloom around here which means that summer is here for good. We are collecting Love and Light so …

New Scratch Practice Video

Well I finally entered the world of video and decided to try and capture some scratch practices. I still have a long way to go but I am starting to get some of the intermediate techniques down. I have learned …

New Offspring Mashup!

Check out my new live turntable mix featuring a dope beat by Opiuo and some tripped out scratching and lyrics from The Offspring’s Self Esteem!

Opiuo vs. The Offspring — Self Esteem JC Musik Forensic Mash by JC Musik

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