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Rappers Delight – A Hip Hop Haven at Burning Man!

JC reporting from Rappers Delight on the 4:30 plaza (4:30+G yo)…The 2011 playa’s pop-n-lok – jin and guice – Hip Hop bar!

We are hosting a hip hop themed camp and bar….a place to celebrate the 4 pillars of classic …

New Scratch Practice Video

Well I finally entered the world of video and decided to try and capture some scratch practices. I still have a long way to go but I am starting to get some of the intermediate techniques down. I have learned … now open!

A central place to post all my recordings and thoughts on musik.  I look forward to populating this area with lots of goodies.  Tonight I finished a mini set for intermission at our band’s upcoming show this Saturday:

Organasm Orchestra-The

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