JC Musik Mixes


Date Title Description Length Download Tracklist
10/20/2011 Dirty Bass Vol 1 – Get High Mid-tempo driving bass with high enrgy and old-school mashups and remixes. This the first in a series of Mixtapes of Dirty Treats over Hip-Hop and Funk Beats. 32:39 JCMusiKDirtyBassVol1.zip Tracklist
9/12/2011 Bounce Bazaar 3 Fire Renegade Mix A quick and dirty mid-tempo mix I put together for the fire performance from The Bounce Bazaar’s very own Fire Renegades. 32:39 Fire-Renegades-Mix.mp3 Tracklist
4/4/2011 Funky Friday From DJ Timewalk’s Bar of America Show in Truckee this is Funk infused Hip Hop and more, a mellow mix meant to pick you up 46:38 FunkyFriday.zip Tracklist
1/23/2011 EmoTech Chill soothing music to emo out to 46:38 EmoTech.zip Tracklist
11/22/2009 Be Here Non Stop Loaded Glitch-Hop, Heavy Bass, Head Banging Electronica 1:00:42 BeHereNonStop.zip Tracklist
3/11/2009 Oil Dub Down & Greaser Heavy Bassy, Grimey Dubstep and midtempo mix 55:09 OilDubDown&Greaser.zip Tracklist
2/23/2009 Getem High A high energy electro, breakbeat, and hip hop party mix for those that like dance floors 49:09 getemhigh.zip Tracklist
8/1/2008 Getin’ Muvin’ Favorites from that moment in time these selections lies somewhere between feel good and edgy 49:09 JCMusiK-GetinMuvin.zip Tracklist

Soundcloud Offerings

Subvert vs. Supernatural — Big Speakers for my People (JC MusiK Mash) by JC MusiK

JC Musik — Boogie Woogie Bounce Remash by JC MusiK

Dido vs. Love and Light — Thank You, You Are the Reason Why (JC Mash) by JC MusiK

Opiuo vs. The Offspring — Self Esteem JC Musik Forensic Mash by JC Musik

M.I.A. vs. Wiz Khalifa — Planes and Paper (JC Musik Mash) by JC Musik

Eagles vs. Beastie Boys — Drifting in those shoes (Live Turntable Mix) by JC Musik

Godzilla New Year Mega Mix by JC Musik

M.I.A. – $20 (JC Calypso Mash) by JC Musik

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